Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An Extra pinch of salt

its like i have millions of smiles waiting to shine...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Thats a tear!

I walk i stop,.....
I look i think,.....
i smile i wonder,....
i see the way its been done,.....
i feel the warmth of your arms,....
i want a jerk to shake my life,....
i know a person loving me as a mother to a child,....
its all bout me... but i have given a part of my life to the one living within me !!!

At times i can go through a million emotions in a second...
its a blessing i feel... but then whats so diff in all these feelings?
walking on the streets i see here and there like i want to register every detail of the surrounding and never forget it... like i want to remember every face....Phew thats just so impossible

i see people form my past... like i have been with them before...
i wish to go and say a hi! but u see something stops me from it... i wonder is it just me or do most people face the same emotion as i do?
i smile seeing the street kids play... i fly with the plane going some where.... its a feeling of winning... do they really worry about their future? do they have a plan for tomorrow?

i walk a lane every day seeing an old man sell handkerchiefs... why does he need to do this... he can also be like the other old people who beg... want people to pity them... what makes him WORK in the hot sun...??? why is he different from others?

i see a construction worker with his little 1year old daughter in his arms... standing at a near by chai dukaan to grab a sip or two of tea... playing with that little one... i feel so content... may be in our ambitions, in our greed, in our vision, in MY life... i have forgotten that its a pleasure to be part of a genuine happiness... with no conditions, with no do's and dont's, with no limitations...

thats one sight i could have spent my whole life watching...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bloom for life

nothing in the world can stop the future,

i was destined to be born,
and so were you,
let me bloom for now... and so shall you,
let me live it best till
i have my breaths assigned,
be my friend and love me,
for tomorrow is uncertain,
life is beautiful now... let it be so

- Shaina

Friday, January 2, 2009

Seeking the STAR

Theres a little star i fell for,
a little shiny a little bright.

Days passed by,

waiting for it to rise.
I love it... and its hiding from me,

i don't understand why?
A little naughty a little wise,

thats the star in the sky i like.
We love, we hate, we argue, we quarrel,
We do all possible to make a our relation bloom.

A moment so weak,

A moment so tender,
A moment we all wish could last forever!
Its that part of our lives wished we could freeze,
Its that innocence we always want to relive.

I believe the star is still shining with me,

Its silly to say,

but then its true,
Emotions flow in every work we do!!!