Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mc donalds kicks out a poor kid from their restaurant!

10th Jan, 2015

So I was in pune for a work visit. In the night we all people decided to visit the Mc Donald's nearby.
We went and got ourselves some coke floats... when we came out a poor kid started asking for some.
So since it's not very exp i decided to buy him a fanta float.
I asked the kid if he would like to come in with me and stand in the line to purchase it by himself... he agreed.
i took him in and he stood in the line. Of course I accompanied him.
immediately a worker from Mc Donald's came and pushed and threw the kid out!
I told him that it's me who got him in to buy him a fanta float.
Well he was extremely rude and told me that these kind of people are not allowed inside!
Any which ways i bought him the stuff and gave him.
NOW: i need to know who are THESE KIND OF PEOPLE?
so poor kids are not allowed?
Even though i accompanied him?
I was paying?
did i ask for free?

Worse not anyone from the public even bothered to stop or even raise a word. 
I clicked this picture right outside their restaurant.
8 am also attaching the bill. 
if anyone can take action please do!

Answer Mc Donald's!!!

go back to USA or treat 
here well!!!

Follow up!
15th Jan 2015

Got a call from McDonalds ....
So people from ‪#‎mcdonlds‬ called me after watching the cctv footage n tried to cover it up by saying mam we took that step coz we have had a bomber incident before 2012.
I said cool. So if tomorrow I get by own kid you will throw him out as well?
Just because he was a poor kid not dressed well u assumed so much of him?
So all people dressed shabbily are looked down upon?
I asked him what if this same incident of throwing out a poor kid from ur restaurant happened in USA ...he said mam this is INDIA.
Can someone explain how being india makes this incident a justified one???
So they did not feel bad.


Ive sent them a mail stating my conversation with their representative.