Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mumbai Police Rocks! Candies Restaurant Sucks!

18th August, 8.40 pm:  15 mins after i left Candies a restaurant joint in bandra i realized that i had forgotten my phone there on the table, i ran back to check and it was gone. Three girls who were seated at the table closer to them told me that they saw a phone lying on the table and mean while two guys and a girl came and occupied the table there and that they were trying to unlock my phone (i had a lock), remove battery and sim card of the phone which they found suspicious and they informed the waiter of this. But the waiter seemed to have other priorities and did not care to even inform any one in a higher position of this LIVE theft happening there. I spoke to Allan the owner of candies and he made me read a sign "we are not responsible for any theft" - I acknowledged that it was my mistake that i left the phone but now what? Whats all the CCTV for? couldn't he help me?  So basically they are they responsible for encouraging theft and paying a blind eye if someone is stealing stuff right below their nose? I believe they must put up a sign "We encourage Thefts!" , in the mean time the three girls informed me that those guys who stole my phone had just left and i ran out with the three girls to see if they were still around unfortunately they all left! - I ran back with them to the owner only to find that he had left for dinner! And when i asked one of his collegues to help us track the guys with the help of cctv he said he cant do much coz only Allan knows how to operate it! LMAO really i was like these guys need some HELP! And rudely asked us to wait for half hour until he comes and started whining conveniently about the fact that because of me Allan - the owner of @candies got late for dinner? Dude seriously 5 mins of helping your customer who is trouble can make such a big difference to his dinner and his calorie intake that he could have fainted or may be suffered from malnutrition! Anyways point to be noted id that Allan stays around 10 mins from Candies and i asked if they could just call him so that the three girls could only locate the guys on CCTV which could help the police to take note of them, But Again all my requests went on deff ears and dumb mind!  The three girls had to leave since they stayed far and i couldn't ask for more they had already helped me much! Anyways i chose not to stay for half hour since i felt i could do much better after being neglected so badly! I went off to the Bandra police station and lodged a complaint for theft of my phone and told them the entire scene at candies and the snobbish and loser attitude of the owner! The cops were prompt in filing a complaint and sent two lady officers with me to candies to take a better judgment of the incident!
As we went in the CCTV room we found Allan the owner and all the other relevant people there. The lady cops asked them to play the CCTV according to them. In the mean time Allan did not hesitate to show off how many wallets and gold and other expensive stuff people leave here and they dont touch it.
DUDE if they leave wallets cant you just get an id from their wallet call them and hand it over to them? What is it you wish to have a museum set up for yourself?
Anyways we located the guys on the screen and at the same time the Allan gets a call saying why are the police here? Allan responds someone has lost their phone and thats what and then to my surprise Allan asks the person on the phone to come up! He comes up with a note written "Please contact us we have your phone and their numbers, apparently my sim got stuck in his phone and he is taking it for repairs"
The cops asked the manager of candies to come to the police station! It was 11.15 pm now
The main Inspector that "what we're doing with the note for two hours?" Why were they not prompt in taking me seriously and handing the note to me? Had they taken action responsibly before i would not have to go to the police! And Also noted that had the cops not come with me to candies i would never get that note and never know what's happening with my phone!
The manager accepted his mistake! But still did not shy away from saying we are not responsible! The Cop was quick and said now you are since you haven't handed the note to the girl you are!
He kept shut!
We called the guy who took my phone and asked him to return! We are in touch with NINAD that's what the guys name is and asked to hand over my phone!
I thanked the lady cops for being kind and taking my case seriously!
The Cops are pursuing this case till the time NINAD does not visit the police and acknowledges the incident!
Candies please learn to show some empathy to your customers and not show them "we are not reponsible" signs!
The tea was good though! Ill still keep coming to candies! No hard feelings!