Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lets Kill all Females

Yes you heard me right! Lets kill all of them including me!

We just talk so much to stop female infanticide, Violence against women and so on.
But WHY?
Why this happens?
Why such heinous culture even exists?
Why parents dread to have a female baby?

Then answer is simple!
Its because of YOU!

Yes you!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A school for my Soul - "She Loves To learn"

Having an extremely rural background my parents especially my mother did not get an opportunity to study as much as she loves to and is pretty intelligent in more than many ways. She belongs to a farmers family and a conservative one. Where every member of the family works in fields, takes care of cattles, takes them to graze, giving them bath and other activities.
She can explain condensation, evaporation an so many scientific words in such simple ways that probably some of our teacher wouldn't. Probably thats why we say experience is the best teacher and nature is our mother.

I was born in the village too. In my home there. I got a chance to go to "aangan badi" where they seved boiled chanas and boiled wheat to students to encourage headcounts and education.

But when i was three i came to bombay, Bandra where dad was working!

So coming back to present the other day we were talking and suddenly there was a topic of education.
She said so what of i have not been to a school i have stood outside one! 
I was surprised, i said ok tell me how.
She said "when i use to go to graze goats and cows she and couple of her friends tied the goats and cows just somewhere close to the school- it was the only small school in the whole village- and when the teacher use to teach or ask students to repeat anything we use to repeat and learn after them" 
I was stunned!
I then asked ok tell me what you studied, She said " do ek ka do, do duni chaar, do tia che, do chauke aath, do chaka bara"
she then asked "hum do aur do ko mila kar number bada rahe hai na"?
I said "yes"!

She must have been somehwere around 7 or 8 when she learnt it.
She still remembers it.
Even though through a rough phase and no exposure to education or any form of learning she can easily recall it made me realise how badly SHE LOVES TO LEARN.

She has a small bag of her own with books and pen and pencil.
She writes and learns whenever she gets time.

She watches english movies with me without asking me for any assistance.

Makes me realise how lucky we are. To have a proper education.

I surely dream of making a school after her name in her hometown village "Jehangirabad"

Thats my last wish.
I owe this.