Friday, January 2, 2009

Seeking the STAR

Theres a little star i fell for,
a little shiny a little bright.

Days passed by,

waiting for it to rise.
I love it... and its hiding from me,

i don't understand why?
A little naughty a little wise,

thats the star in the sky i like.
We love, we hate, we argue, we quarrel,
We do all possible to make a our relation bloom.

A moment so weak,

A moment so tender,
A moment we all wish could last forever!
Its that part of our lives wished we could freeze,
Its that innocence we always want to relive.

I believe the star is still shining with me,

Its silly to say,

but then its true,
Emotions flow in every work we do!!!



Tausif said...



*Standing Ovation**


*Flowers Showering** !!

Shaina said...

lol... u naaa