Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mc donalds kicks out a poor kid from their restaurant!

10th Jan, 2015

So I was in pune for a work visit. In the night we all people decided to visit the Mc Donald's nearby.
We went and got ourselves some coke floats... when we came out a poor kid started asking for some.
So since it's not very exp i decided to buy him a fanta float.
I asked the kid if he would like to come in with me and stand in the line to purchase it by himself... he agreed.
i took him in and he stood in the line. Of course I accompanied him.
immediately a worker from Mc Donald's came and pushed and threw the kid out!
I told him that it's me who got him in to buy him a fanta float.
Well he was extremely rude and told me that these kind of people are not allowed inside!
Any which ways i bought him the stuff and gave him.
NOW: i need to know who are THESE KIND OF PEOPLE?
so poor kids are not allowed?
Even though i accompanied him?
I was paying?
did i ask for free?

Worse not anyone from the public even bothered to stop or even raise a word. 
I clicked this picture right outside their restaurant.
8 am also attaching the bill. 
if anyone can take action please do!

Answer Mc Donald's!!!

go back to USA or treat 
here well!!!

Follow up!
15th Jan 2015

Got a call from McDonalds ....
So people from ‪#‎mcdonlds‬ called me after watching the cctv footage n tried to cover it up by saying mam we took that step coz we have had a bomber incident before 2012.
I said cool. So if tomorrow I get by own kid you will throw him out as well?
Just because he was a poor kid not dressed well u assumed so much of him?
So all people dressed shabbily are looked down upon?
I asked him what if this same incident of throwing out a poor kid from ur restaurant happened in USA ...he said mam this is INDIA.
Can someone explain how being india makes this incident a justified one???
So they did not feel bad.


Ive sent them a mail stating my conversation with their representative.


Unknown said...

If the reason he gave was that of bomb blast few months ago, what precaution they have taken, neither installed any metal detectors on their entry gate nor appointed any Security personals. If you go in their basement area, you will see lots of their dirty stuff lying below, where any one can plant something very dangerous. Its just no one complains & it goes on. I have also seen many times that the parking area of the building is also occupied by their 2 wheelers & other are barred from keeping their vehicles in the basement as their own stuff's like Dust bins & Gas Cylinders are stored.
Every one should stop going to such outlets, where no Indians are treated well, may be a small poor kid.

The Literati. said...

Preposterous and outrageous behaviour on the part of Mc donalds. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS!!!! even worse is the fact these rude staff members are being backed up by the
mc donals head office.. lame excuses are being made.. furthermore they even refuse to apologise !!!!!! Unbelievable.. ! We will take action.the one thread this binds this beautiful and secular nation is our humanitarian attitude.. WE DONT DISCRIMINATE !!! THEN , WHO ARE YOU TO DO SO??

Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding politically incorrect and snobbish, I completely disagree with you. An establishment such as an eatery has to maintain its hygeine, so that customers like you and me are not exposed to disease. And it is a very well known fact that the children like the one you acted as a good samaritan for are not exactly very adept at the art of hygeine. So if an eatery were to allow unwashed slum people into its precincts, I would never patronize such an outlet. Please understand that this has nothing to do with skin color or clothes. I have always campaigned against fairness creams on Twitter, and I have never judged a man for having less money than others. But I do believe that it is the duty of restaurants to protect its patrons from disease. So I would request you not to give racial undertones to this incident

Anonymous said...

My take on your situation is first - to stop faming/defaming MC DONALDS. It's not literally the company, but the staff. The staff was NOT AMERICAN or any other nationality, but INDIANS. You yourself have stated that not a single Indian (Men or Women) bothered to help you in this matter, present over there. Well, this is very much self-explanatory. If there is anything you can do or want to request for, you can rather ask for teaching people some good morals. The higher the financial standards have been raised in India, the lesser their morals have become or say, the speedy their morals have degraded to such ridiculed level.

Subham said...

Was the staff American ??

Andres Leon-Geyer said...

Interesting comments on your post. Specially miss Khonas one.
A company has a policy, and is responsible for the behaviour of their staff. So, I agree with you to make responsible for this racism the chain McDonalds.

The hygiene problem isn't convincing either (although I don't accuse the author of racism). Will a boy for standing in a row contaminate me? will he for using a table contaminate it more than another person - for which it is supposed they have to be cleaned? Anyway, little kids don't hang around in the local because they usually can't pay that food (which for me also is quite unhealthy, but hunger is it certainly more!), but a big guy looking unexpected.. what would have they done? push him with the same enthusiasm?

No, the point is certainly a hygienical one, but of aesthetic higiene: poverty is not nice to see, maybe if we don't see it, it disappears from reality. Thats what I guess the idea was, idea I am sure is ok for the fast-food chain, for they don't work explicitly against racism in forming their people against it.

I congratulate you, madam, not only for your big heart in giving a little moment of joy to a kid = so necessary is in a world of indolence. I admire you also for a brave heart which demands and talks out loud, and insist in its opinion, and knows to fight for its own sense of justice and humanity (besides of what other people could think justice shall look like), = your insistence is necessary in this world of willful ignorance and indifference.

Thank you for your acts, hug from Peru.

sharath palan said...

I received this email from Mcdonalds when i asked a answer for the inhuman treatment done and this is there response:
McDonalds India is investigating internally an issue that has been reported on an incident involving a street child. The concerned security personnel involved in the incident have been suspended pending completion of an enquiry.

We shall further examine if in any manner there has been a breach in basic courtesy and respect and take appropriate action, including re-training where required.

We wish to affirm that we treasure and respect everyone in equal measure and do not support any form of discrimination.

McDonald’s seeks to provide all our customers a safe and welcoming environment. We will always ensure that our guests feel comfortable, safe and looked after.

Gauri Karnik

Unknown said...

Shaheena Attarwala - You must change your name to Shaheena Beggar Bananeywalla!

The sad reality is that the so-called educated class is so uneducated!!! People like you is the reason why India is in a pathetic state. By giving beggar a Fanta Float, you made him a Fanta Float beggar for life! No wonder there are so many beggars in India. You are one heck of a cruel human being. YOu destroyed his self belief and moral by handing out freebie. Read this story:

Unknown said...

Shaheena "Beggar" Bananeywalli, If you really cared for that beggar "create" a job and opportunity for him. Don't give him free Fanta Float.

As it is company like McDonald are paying into India's tax system and are law abiding entitiy. This entity is only creating job and opportunities for Indians. They have to compete against illegal street vendors - who do not pay taxes to India, steal utilities (water, road space, electricity), illegally occupy road space and thereby are nuisance to the pedestrians, sell unhygenic and poor quality food, biggest source of corruption, and are the biggest source of illegal activities like selling drugs & prostitution. If you really want to be a protagonist then you must take on illegal shop vendors whom McDonalds have taken on.

Raise your consciousness and stand for what is right! Stand with McDonalds and defeat poverty in India!

Anonymous said...

Not only are you a hero for buying the kid a drink but then for publicizing the injustice he suffered and doing something about it with the power of the pen (keyboard).

Bravo to you. I would love to reprint this on my blog with your permission.


The Literati. said...

@ O thorin... here comes a Sceptic. Who still fails to see rhe bigger picture of the indian society ... whom do you want us to blame for the illegal drug selling , the proatitution ,and for being unhygenic ??? The beggars ? And well people like shaheena the beggar bannenewali ?? It isnl so easy to sit im your warm cozy homes and point fingers at the apparent indiosyncrasies you assume the world is doing outside isnt it ? Mr. O thorin.. dont shoot the messenger sir ! Blame the government fpr not having a syronf execution body , blame people lile you who do see such poverty everyday but ignore it..... blame all those who dnt stand up and question the government on thier policies , its implementation and ita effectivenesa !

Anonymous said...

Dear Writer - Your blog has given a place to PLAY BLAME GAMES. Can we all please get back to the point that people are lacking mannerisms in first place.
The inappropriate behavior shown by the staff men to throw the kid out - They didn't do it personally. They were on their job and were doing it. However, they had no call on how to deal in such situations. Had people in this country been morally supportive and respective to each other, this incident would have never taken place.
Mc. Donald's is indeed responsible for it's staff behavior as clarified by Andres Leyon-Geyer in their comment. Thank you for bringing this point to me.

I believe that there couldn't have been an immediate solution on this rather than people - educated people, people who run societies and define other people by their class through their incomes and differentiate them can start changing their mind.

We cannot ignore this fact, the most important reason for the people in this country even still being in Poverty is because something is not okay with both the administrators of the country (every goverment official responsible) and us citizens.

Why did we forget the most important thing - that why at first place the beggars are still existing (I don't mean to kill them, but there's a lot of funding available and everyone has right to work and earn). We may not have an answer to everything, but we all know one thing that if there is something that we all can do -it is to start treating others with equal respect and offer help whenever they can. We can teach our children the same thing so that they become morally helpful and positive too.
Life is simple, us humans have really complicated it so much.

Anonymous said...

Hi writer, just read in our local online magazine, the restaurant is shut down. See details here:

CousinAVI said...

Mancy Khona, I can see pretty well why you are ranting at Shaheena Attarwaala and calling her names. She not only looks wonderful but has a heart even more beautiful.

Sadly youre just as ugly to look at as ugly as you are within. Doesnt come as a surprise when exteriors are just a projection of whats within.

Wearing the fucken stars and stripes and having some fancy name doesnt make you White. Take a cold hard stare into the mirror. You are just as ugly & Indian still. Theres no denying it.

This girl Shaheena had the heart of feeling for someone else's distraught while she was all comfortable in her space. And being a girl she took it up in the absolutely perfect manner, giving it the necessary publicity it requires. It takes a big fucken heart to do that and still be probed by pretentious cunts like you & Thorin. Poor or Rich feel for your countrymen. Coz if you dont who will.

Had it been me, the trouble wouldnt have gotten online. I would have made sure the guy had his seat and coke and the employees a good revision of Customer Service.

Great job Shaheena!! You deserve to be commended.

Sapam said...

Well put cousin AV, Each and every word hit the spot. What is there to live for in this world without little compassion. Small deeds like hers makes this world worth living in. And people like them are the one who complain about the thorn on the rose than the beauty of the flower. And who are they to decide what to do with beggars. Remember every deed is not an alm and every poor is not a beggar. Dont call "us humans who complicate things", its you humans (if you fall in the category of human) who complicate things and cribb around. Try to understand what is the motive of the deed, its not like she spent millions and she bought a kid a ferrari, it was a small deed which helps him feel that there is still kindness and love in this world and these kind of compassion shown to any child will surely have some positive effect. Have a heart and have some positive outlook of life.

Anonymous said...

You completely neglected my point of "respecting others". You abused without taking time to understand the points I tried to convey. I am also NOT CALLING the writer by names. I am calling her Writer. Do you have a problem? Calling a writer, a writer - is that calling her names? Which part even made you think that I am ranting on the writer?

The situation which the writer has experienced, unfortunately didn't have an immediate solution for various reasons. The writer surely seemed a generous person which is why she approached to offer the kid with a float.
Also, the restaurant has been shut down as claimed by the local magazine.

Perhaps, you would want to still help a beggar than actually thinking of how to help reduce and diminish poverty from a developing country so that everybody including POOR CUNTs, BEGGAR CUNTS, WRITER CUNTS - ALL TYPES OF CUNTS and Low Lives people also can enjoy the services available for US HUMANS from other humans without having to be differed class-wise or country wise, which is what ACTUALLY happened in the story on this blog. Thank you for expressing your PAIN with your kind words, COUSIN, Sapam and picking out my features and judging them by showing your low morality. You might get an urge to write even more, just the way you did in your previous comments. Nobody cares for your hatred and it shall always be reflected back upon you.

CousinAVI said...

Since youve bothered to revert again, let me help you clarify your dellusions Comment by Comment.

MANCY SAYS:"My take on your situation is first - to stop faming/defaming MC DONALDS. It's not literally the company, but the staff. The staff was NOT AMERICAN or any other nationality, but INDIANS. You yourself have stated that not a single Indian (Men or Women) bothered to help you in this matter, present over there. Well, this is very much self-explanatory. If there is anything you can do or want to request for, you can rather ask for teaching people some good morals. The higher the financial standards have been raised in India, the lesser their morals have become or say, the speedy their morals have degraded to such ridiculed level."

Mancy where did the lil street urchin get teh chance to show lack of morals or no morals. He begged for a coke and when no one responded this girl like an angel is disguise offered to take her on inside and buy her a drink. And before the transaction could be done, he was shooed off like a dog.

You know people like you would raise hell about misbehaviour to street dogs but you dont care a rats ass about a street urchin child who is a human being. Seems you have been overseas and these outlets like Mc Donalds and KFC are poor man's diners. Only the poor White people, homeless and social discards and teenagers go to such outlets. So do not brohaha over here about how the guys on duty were just following rules as Mc Donalds is meant for teh elite. There is no such ruling. They would be fucked in their own shore for discrimination before Indians take offence. Buy a Mc Donald burger and keep it in your fridge for a year. It wont change shape or texture. So the Mc D employees actually were acting beyond their jurisdiction and were thinking like you and hence they got fired. That should explain a lot.And you question morals. Id like to see your definition of morals. Capitalism prevail over humanity. Thats just a cheap agenda not moral or morale.

Now coming to your second comment, Why do beggars exist? I dont know about other countries but in India beggars exist because of superficial people like you. Because you dont stop pretending how you care and you dont stop giving them alms. When instead if you took time to know their problem you could actually help them if you want. They dont need alms. Money is not teh solution. The problem is teh indifference of tehir own people. So capital;ising on this human tendency beggars are now part of an increasingly growing and profitable industry in India. Beggars still remain beggars. People using them become rich and start commenting over here like you.

You should be ashamed how a foreigner contradicted your take over here on thsi thread. This is what you lack. Blind Compassion. Had this been a white kid, you wouldnt have mind so much, because at least on teh outside he is clean. But inside he copuld be dirtier than the burger itself. This is called having Double Standards and that is your ailment.

Anonymous said...

Yes and I'm bothering you again as my reference for people with low morals is directly towards you not the kid or anybody here but YOU, as you referred cunt to me. Jesus! You probably took oath to abuse me everytime and take my words EXACTLY the other way round THAN what they are actually mean. Thanks for being bothered by me AGAIN and for your kind gestured words - CUNT, and whatever other names you called me with! Loser FOREIGNER

anipilot said...


I work for an American company and we are encouraged to demonstrate american values of equality and respect, the McDonald employees when working at a McDonald facility represent it and do represent India as well.

We expect that McDonald would encourage and train them to respect their interactions towards customers.

Unknown said...

Excuse me ,that staff was recruited my your favorite McDonalds high better shut your mouth.
even US people hate please don't expain me...

Unknown said...

Excuse me ,that staff was recruited my your favorite McDonalds high better shut your mouth.
even US people hate please don't expain me...

Unknown said...

Excuse me ,that staff was recruited my your favorite McDonalds high better shut your mouth.
even US people hate please don't expain me...