Sunday, July 17, 2011

Do BE4 Die

everyday i think of so many things... like i wana do this and tha...

well i really wana conquer certain things before i grow really old...
atleast i wana be able to talk to my grandchildren about some exciting stuff i did when i was young... yea i know age is just a number for most... but then again nature has its way... and i respect it..

i had sometime back made a list of things i need to do, rather i want... but i misplaced it...its a sad thing.. i miss it now..

but never too late to start off!

There is always a dream we have...
there is a wish always to be fulfilled...
i cant recall the last time told myself these things neva happen...
i dnt believe at times its best to let go...
i neva say it cant...
let me try harder...
lets get it done...
its just a step away...
perceive it as i do...
and then its simple...COZ i can do!!!
the below mentioned are certain things that i wish to do in my years to come...some might even fade as i grow...i might even add a few in the events in future...but as of now...its the best for me...

Its a decent.. ok... may be a nice... list....form the crazee thee :)

  1. I donot wish to make millions.What i wish is to make a difference to millions. Everything around us is designed. Still daily life for masses is very complicated. I wish to make atleast one simple product that makes a big differnce to the daily lives or probably an innovation that im known for an awarded for.
  2. Learn horse riding and own a horse
  3. Learn to make mock tails and yummy crushes
  4. Ride horse on the streets on mumbai
  5. Own an animal farm
  6. Have my own company.. design or agriculture..
  7. Be a member of an Old age home and work towards adding value to those peoples life
  8. Want to be part of some meaningful awareness programs
  9. Get a house big enough so that i can play hide and seek or skate with my kids in
  10. Meet Mohammad Ali or any of his family member or buy a large poster of his and put in my house
  11. Go to some of worlds best animal Safari
  12. Learn Some yoga and practice make it a part of my daily routine
  13. I genuinely will do something to help animals
  14. Ride an ostrich
  15. Go for a nice dinner with the man i love in an underwater restaurant in Maldives.. well as long as its underwater
  16. Make a physical sport a part of my daily life
  17. Buy s sexy bicycle of BMW
  18. I have this crazy wish of being the face of a cosmetic beauty product for skin in a tv ad
  19. Learn to speak Arabic language
  20. Play every possible sport under the sun at least once
  21. Do a tango dance or may be anyother dance (not indian ) with a man i like better half in front of at least 50 to 100 people and be appreciated :)
  22. Stand for an election may be for a MLA at the age of may be 35-40 when im financially strong (cant let it go easily as that was my first aspiration in life.. to be leader and represent people)
  23. Be on a vacation continuously for 2months... no work means no work!
  24. Punch a guy in his face for a wrong doing. and ye he must bleed in that punch :P
  25. Learn Skating 

im not done yet... will write more :)

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